Why We Love WordPress

WordPress Logo PhotoThere are a lot of reasons to love WordPress. It’s got a ton of useful features, a clean and simple interface, and a good deal of support. In fact, 32.5% of all sites online are powered by the software thanks to its outstanding design. Check out the infographic from Hosting Tribunal and find out more vital stats about this platform.

It’s Great for the Web Developer

If you know your way around coding, you can create a top-notch customized site that operates flawlessly. WordPress has been designed to be simple to use. Simple here, though, doesn’t mean less powerful.

Put the software in the hands of a web development pro, and you’ll really get to see what it can do.

It’s Great for the Webmaster

As a webmaster with WordPress, you don’t need much knowledge of coding. You can build a simple site on your own. It’s time-consuming, but there are many generic templates you can use to do it.

Of course:

The downside with the generic templates is that everyone uses them. They’re also difficult to customize unless you know a lot about coding. That’s where working with a WordPress agency can come in handy.

An agency can help you design and develop the perfect site for your business. It will do all the heavy lifting, and you will simply reap the rewards.

The benefits of using WordPress are not just limited to the building of sites. Maintenance is even simpler. The dashboard is intuitive to use and makes it simple to add posts, even if you don’t know much about coding.

What’s more:

There are over 50 000 plugins that allow you to add all sorts of different functionality to your site. Installing them is as simple as clicking on the “Plugin” tab and choosing the plugin you want to use.

Bottom line:

Everything has been designed with simplicity in mind. So, are you ready to learn even more about WordPress? Then let’s have a look at the infographic below.

How WordPress Powers the Internet

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