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Problem-solvers. Technical thinkers. WordPress lovers.

From early consultations to project handover (and beyond), our team of WordPress
experts understands your website’s specific needs and offers technical solutions to reach them.

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Die Gründer von Bleech, Dominik und Steffen, stehen lachend im Office und sprechen zu einer Gruppe Besucher.


Technical experts, WordPress lovers

Bleech started ten years ago by two friends with a passion for WordPress, solving complex technical challenges and creating high-quality websites. Steffen and Dominik have since built a team of over 25 experts. Together with our partners, we have been developing high-quality websites ever since – using WordPress.

The Bleech team thought deeply into our wishes and requirements, anticipated the critical points for implementation with foresight and developed and implemented a watertight project plan.

Thomas Spitzer Project Manager
Deutsche Filmakademie

Proactive and focused on solutions

It is important for us to understand the goals of our partners to deliver the highest quality of an end result. For this purpose, we specifically assemble a team of project manager, developer and consultant, who take care of the development, management and optimization of the website.

We are experts in WordPress

The world’s most popular CMS is constantly evolving and offers interfaces that can be used to solve technically complex challenges. With our custom developed starter-theme “Flynt”, we provide our partners a website that is easy to maintain and can be further developed quickly. Thus, we have created an approach that is perfectly suited for enterprise solutions.

Our team

Only the team. That is simply the most important thing.

For Mykola it’s the team, for Chris it’s the opportunity to learn something new every day, and for Harun it’s the whole package. Our agency is characterized by a strong team of experts. Because only by combining our knowledge, we can develop the best solutions for your website.

Our developer Harun makes a selfi in front of a bridge.
Our developer Christina in a green hoodie smiles.
Mykola, Frontend Developer at Bleech
Quote: I just love fixing things and developing challenging stuff. By developer Harun.
Quote: When I started working at Bleech, I was surprised how optimized, automated and organized everything is. By developer Mykola

Our Values

Work Life

From remote work to flexible working hours. Create a working schedule that suits you best.

Always Improving

We question things for the better and always come up with ways to help each other grow.

Focus on our partners

In the fast-moving world of technology, we are keen to maintain long-term and close partnerships.


at Bleech

We’re a team of WordPress fanatics, marketing experts and budding entrepreneurs. We celebrate our accomplishments and inspire each other to always do better. Feel like joining Bleech? Check out what we have to offer here.

Remote first

You decide – 100% digital or in our office in Berlin Kreuzberg. Our team from 10+ nations works all over the globe.


Choose hardware of your preference and concentrate on what’s most important in your work.


Your success is our success. Let’s help your career grow with skill learning, paid education and leadership counselling.

I feel heard and it motivates me that I have many opportunities to learn & grow as a professional and at the same time share the knowledge with the team.

Chris Senior Full-Stack Developer