What makes an agency for web development

What kind of tasks does web development involve? What makes a particularly good web developer? And what kind of services can I expect from an agency for web development?
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We like to get on board with our clients as soon as possible. Usually, this means right at the time that the initial idea is formed. This means that from the very start, we are able to advise all parties involved with our technical know-how, and together ensure that all important aspects of the project are considered before the designs for a website are created.


Websites, as a form of programming, are bound to the same rules as other applications: they are dynamic, and have many external dependencies (server and browser updates, security breaches, and so on). Often, it is difficult to imagine how the functionality of a website truly feels before it’s translated to the browser.

We help to identify risks and challenges early on, by applying UX & UI standards and delivering results that can be tested and adapted as quickly as possible.


From a technical point of view, a website consists of many different parts. WordPress, the back-end content management system (CMS), is programmed in PHP – whilst the visual front-end is programmed in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

To be able to maintain and extend website functionality, clean and professional programming is essential. This is our core task as a web development agency.

What are the advantages of an agency for web development?

Why should I work with an agency at all? Can not every person develop a website today? Why is a long-term partnership meaningful?

Professional processes

Programming a website is not done in one day. Therefore, a professional process is essential to the success of a project; from the initial contact, the project management, on-going communication, presentations and feedback, right through to the launch of the website.

All of our technical leads have more than 10 years of experience in their profession, and work with online tools which continuously monitor the status of each and every project so that they can react flexibly to your wishes at any time without endangering on-going work.

Established standards

Customers are rarely interested in whether the PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript code looks beautiful. However, whether the code conforms to established coding standards has a direct impact on the maintenance and security of the website, as well as on search engine optimisation, and the ease at which existing functionality can be extended.

As an experienced web development team, we are always building on and exchanging knowledge and gaining valuable new insights. We analyse and assess each line of code before it makes it into the final website. Even if one of our WordPress developers is not available, it is easy for another developer to quickly take over the project and provide high quality support.

Long-term security

The rollout of a website is a great milestone for both our customers and ourselves. At this point, a website truly begins to become alive. It gains new posts, pictures, videos, new sections, categories, comments from visitors, and submissions via forms. This often leads to new requirements, or bugs that need to be fixed. In addition, it is important to close security gaps as quickly as possible, in order to avoid hacking and protect data. It is also essential to ensure the stability of the site as visitor numbers grow, and constantly adapt strategies for the best possible search engine ranking.

As an agency for web development, we offer all of this via our Maintenance and Retainer packages, and we are always available via e-mail, telephone and slack – for both the small and large questions.

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