– A Smooth Transition into a Brand New SEO Portal

We helped Germany’s largest portal for finance-related topics migrate to a new website and reap the benefits of search engine optimization in the long term.

Establishing a SEO-orientated portal

Insurance has been one of the most consistently growing markets across the globe. In order to help their customer base stay on top of new opportunities and best deals in the sector, The Finanzen Group has established itself as an SEO-oriented portal for brokering insurance and financial offers.

The goal of the website is to provide as much value as possible to their readers with content that is easy to understand and navigate. The focus is on producing search engine-optimized content that targets various finance-related topics, including to health insurance, investment, and real estate. Additionally, Finanzen allows the user to make direct comparisons between these different kind of insurance in Germany.

Since its launch in 2000, the website has established itself with over 5 million unique visitors and nearly 300 million page impressions in 2020 alone.

Setting Goals for an SEO-based Website

Finanzen wanted to relaunch their website with novel components that were SEO-optimized to give the portal a rejuvenated life. Our partner’s ultimate goal was to grow the organic traffic of their website in order to continue growing their content-driven business model. Whatever losses did occur in the transition to the new website were to be accounted for with a better SEO performance post-launch.

Taking all of this into account during the website consultation process, we found out our partner relied heavily on a huge database of information that is licensed and then made accessible to the visitors on their websites.

Developing Custom Solutions to Enhance Finanzen’s User Experience and Content

During the collaboration, we helped our partners improve their website’s SEO performance in the long-term with solutions such as

  1. Un-indexing outdated news that Google’s algorithms would no longer find relevant. This ensured that the visitors are only exposed to the latest information when looking for information on the site.
  2. Adding a search bar with custom logic which does not come as a default in WordPress websites. Our logic allows users to receive categorized, live search results which further facilitates their experience with the platform.
  3. Adding a more simple system to manage ads across the different website pages and sections.

A search bar with custom logic helps the user to find content precisely.

To manage dynamic advertisements across the different website pages became more easy.

As SEO was a key component of’s business model, we were glad to employ strategies that helped minimize that impact on performance during the relaunch. On top of this, enhancing Finanzen’s content and user experience together with Goldener Westen helped them to set up foundations for improved SEO performance after the relaunch of their portal.

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