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Estimate tasks in a fun way

Planning Poker is a great method for developers and agile teams to estimate tasks and to calculate risk in a playful way. By encouraging discussion and collaboration among team members, estimates are based on a shared understanding of the task, making estimates more accurate and complete. Anonymous and simultaneous voting speeds up the process and helps teams find agreement faster.

No registration

Just play the game online. You do not need to register with your email address, nor do we collect any personal data.

CSV export

After you discussed all topics, download the results as CSV file to have them at hand and share with your team.

Unlimited projects

Start a new game for each project and come back later to review and continue your estimation sessions.


Improve your team’s efficiency with planning poker

 Vote on tickets and estimate the relative size and complexity of tasks in a software development project.
Uncover assumptions or uncertainties that the team may have about a task.
Plan sprints and milestones in the project schedule in consensus with everyone.

Game instructions

How to play the free online
Planning Poker game?

Step 1
Open the Planning Poker website and start a new game. You don’t need to register by email for this.

Step 2
Set up the game and give it a title, decide on the voting system and enter your player name.

Step 3
Invite your team to join by clicking “Invite Players”. Share the link with your team members.

Step 4
Before you start estimating, decide on the topics you want to estimate. Add one topic per row.

Step 5
During the game, each player picks a card to vote on the estimated effort to complete the task.

Step 6
After all players have voted, reveal the cards, discuss the votes with your team and pick the winning estimate.


Repeat this process for each topic until all have been discussed. Once all topics have been discussed, look up the results and download the results in a CSV file. Return later to continue voting, or start a new game.

Planning Poker Cards

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Planning Poker Cards


Planning Poker, also known as Scrum poker, is a technique to estimate the relative size and complexity of tasks in a software development project. It’s a playful approach used in agile project management to encourage the team’s communication and collaboration.

Planning Poker helps teams to agree on how much work is needed to complete a task. Team members use cards to vote on the amount of effort required and then discuss the results together. It offers a structured and efficient way to estimate effort based on a shared understanding of the task. This helps to ensure that estimates are more accurate and complete.

The voting system represents a unit to estimate topics. You are free to add your own meaning to the numbers and sizes. For instance, numbers could represent hours, days, or a level of difficulty.

The Fibonacci system uses numbers from the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.) and is often used in Planning Poker.

With Powers of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.) you get more detailed estimations of the work needed.

With the T-Shirt sizes system (XS, S, M, L, XL) you can indicate the size of a task. It’s perfect for teams that are not familiar with the other systems.

Yes, it is! We wanted to create a useful tool and make it accessible to everyone. Also, we enjoyed the process of developing it and making it available to the community without any cost.